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Audio & Sound Design

Music Artists:

Mixing & Mastering

 Folk Rock 

Straight and Narrow.mp3
It's a Wonderful Life.mp3



Film & Video:

Recording & Editing:

- In-studio voiceover recording and ADR.

- Full orchestral recording options offsite (US and Europe).
- Editing, restoration and cleaning for dialog, effects, and music.
- DAWs:  Nuendo 10, Cubase 10.5, Wavelab 10 (mastering),

   Studio One 4, Digital Performer 9.


- Film, audio production, and music artists (acoustic, classical, jazz, folk, country, pop, rock, electronic)


- Mastering for CD, Bluray, broadcast, theatrical and streaming.

- Loudness compliance: ATSC/A85, EBU 128, iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora, Vimeo, etc.
- State of the art EQ, compression, metering and analysis systems.


- 5.1/7.1 Surround sound design and mixing.
- Ambisonics and 3D audio for stereo and surround.

Game Audio Connect

Direct connect for Audiokinetic’s Wwise game audio middleware enabling faster score and sound design development with your team. 

Sound Design

We have a large library of audio effects, as well as foley recording, in-house custom sound design and foley, as well as options for established film foley stages.

Quick-Turn Ads and Short Form
We work with clients and subcontractors from all over the world.

Through online file sharing we can work with anyone, anywhere.  Single-narrator projects of up to 5 minutes in length can be returned in 24-48 hours, saving you the time and money of traveling to another studio.  You can simply send your project files, and in as little as a day have a mix back to review in the comfort of your own studio.  Same day service is available on an as-need basis.

Project Management

For larger projects and budgets, we a team of editors, sound designers, foley stages, and mix engineers to call upon, managing all resources, budget and schedules so you can simply outsource all of your audio.  Whether for a feature film, large game development, audio book, or large corporate projects, we have the experience and resources to deliver.