Audio Post

A film should sound as good as it looks.

Post & Editing

  • Reconform from EDL or video cuts

  • ADR edit and sync

  • Voiceovers, foley and effects

  • Dialog, music and effects editing 

  • Restoration and cleaning.

Digital Audio Workstations and Software: 
- ProTools 2021.10
- Nuendo 11
- Cubase 11
- Wavelab 11 (mastering), 
- Dorico (notation)
- Digital Performer 11

Game Audio Connect

  • Direct connect for Audiokinetic’s Wwise game audio middleware enabling faster score and sound design development with your team.


  • Film, audio productions, and music.

  • Stereo and surround. 

  • True surround reverbs and processing


  • Mastering for CD, Bluray, broadcast, theatrical and streaming.

  • Loudness compliance:
    - ATSC/A85, EBU 128, iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud,
      Spotify, Pandora, Vimeo, etc

  • State of the art EQ, compression, metering and analysis systems.

Quick-Turn Ads and Short Form

  • We work with clients and subcontractors from all over the world.  Through online file sharing we can work with anyone, anywhere.  Single-narrator projects of up to 5 minutes in length can be returned in 24-48 hours, saving you the time and money of traveling to another studio.  Contact us to find out more.


  • 5.1 and 7.1

  • Dynaudio surround monitoring.

  • Encoding

  • VR and 3D audio for
    - Facebook 360
    - YouTube VR
    - Occulus Rift